Tuesday, May 31, 2016

On Politics

        As I was putting together this blog on politics, I thought I’d better find a definition of the word in which to seat the subject, and, disappointingly enough, it took six dictionary entries to find a definition that even made sense. Besides this, it was very negative as it described politics as “use of intrigue or strategy in obtaining any position of power or control.” If Webster’s can’t do any better than this, it’s no wonder that governmental politics are so despised. There is no doubt that the workings of politics…of any kind…involve strategic thinking. We are maneuvering with ideas and postures, but must they all be for personal gain only? Can they not involve skill and deftness in bringing about the best possible outcome at the time? Surely there is a genuine art in engaging in  critical thinking among parties to come to productive resolutions!

Mindless mudslinging...

Political theory and action is so much more than mindless mudslinging and time wasting. When we are thinking clearly, I believe we know this in our heart of hearts. We could choose to act from the high road of politics and actually attempt to do the right thing.


Unfortunately American politics in 2016 are as nasty and dreadful as it seems possible to get. It is filled with narcissism, untrustworthiness, lies….both deliberate and casual, and horrendous disrespect by candidates for one another. Reminds me of a constant food fight! For those looking for entertainment, the side show doesn’t get any better than this, but it comes with a terrible payment. The discouraged and disgusted voter may stay home on election day, and this would be a huge waste of freedom. 

The best sense...

We are spiritual beings, and we are citizens as well. I hope we are looking through the current political absurdities to arrive at the position that makes the best sense to us. And then, exercise that magnificent freedom that is ours to vote.

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