Tuesday, March 28, 2017

On Deep Spirituality

    Many of us do not consider ourselves particularly religious, and sometimes it is because we may feel that the strictures of religion seem unreasonable and somewhat mythological. Still, we don’t necessarily feel alone out here in the universe either because of a hard-to-define sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves, something that belongs to us as we belong to it. This, I believe, to be our deep spirituality touching base with us, something that does not fully lend itself to reason but is known to us intuitively.

Reason can only take us so far....

Reason can only take us so far when we explore this sense of spirituality, but spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation, contemplation…which we can engage in rationally…can enlarge the areas of knowing and experiencing the ineffable. And this is a part of ourselves we must come to trust…an element of ourselves that we can experience but not necessarily put into words.

Our touches of spirituality become "personalized"...

Something that is essential, not given to palpable form, is just as real as a table and chair. In fact, it is more real than a physical form that comes and eventually goes. Our sense of self, our sense of innate connection to life, stays with us whenever and however we go and can only seem more real as it moves through all our life forms. The spiritual philosopher, Ernest Holmes, tells us that our touches of spirituality become “personalized” by us as we recognize it as the core of our being.

In sum, I believe us to be deeply centered in spirit, whether or not we planned on it…even on days when we least feel it.

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