Tuesday, May 2, 2017

On Changing Needs

Everything changes. All the time. And to make such an observation is a non starter because the obviousness of it cannot be missed. Not only is there more to notice; there are more devices for noticing than ever with new ones coming along every day. Such are the times in which we live. Even those who live in remote jungle areas are carrying iPhones!

Worth noticing.....

One thing that is worth noticing is the spreading unease that invades our lives because of the constant intrusion of…change, and aside from invasive change are the changes that show up because our personal needs shift. What worked when we were younger no longer works as we get older. And change does not even have to be handled that expansively. It is enough to manage what comes from week to week or day to day.

The passing show...

What are we to do to accommodate ourselves to the passing show? We cannot ask circumstances to stay still; they will not, so it is up to us to find a “still point” around which we can be rejuvenated. This can begin as a chosen reduction in external distractions. Must we tune into the latest daily shakeups? Could a change in our choices of music become more calming, more settling?

A spiritual path...

Do we have or can we find a spiritual path that allows direction and the track of our minds upon one thing at a time? Are we aware that our thoughts often race through a plethora of ideas and images most of the time, which does not give us the opportunity to focus solely on one, precious living moment? When our minds choose to focus on the few rather than the many, there are more peaceful, recognizable destinations to be had, destinations which aid in a better sense of health and well being… Worth a try, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. Yes, one thing at a time allows me to focus on the here and now. Whatever, I'm doing that is my focus and center. Thank you for this blog.