Tuesday, August 8, 2017

On Wit and Worry

           There are the wits of this world, and there are the worriers, and we know them for who they are. Some folks among us have the wonderful devil of humor inside where they can see the funny side curling around all things. They are quick with a smile, an arched eyebrow, and a word or two that brings a little laughter into the game. What would the world be without them…no doubt a much duller place!
a tongue of worry...

Then there are those of us who carry a tongue of worry that waggles through our thoughts, those of us who mentally create situations that may, may not, probably won’t ever, couldn’t possibly ever, happen. Yet they are at work percolating though the worrier’s mind.

an absolute gold mine...

Both wits and worriers share the same God-given gift: Imagination—which fuels both the bubbling and the bleakness. It takes the creativity inherent in imagination to tickle the comedic heart and multiply the occasions for disaster. Trust me, imagination is an absolute gold mine for worriers! It holds unknown snares which only an accomplished worrier can find!

an interesting life...

Funny thing! Sometimes the wit and the worrier can be found in the same person. After all, the creative, imaginative mind can move in both directions. The same imaginative flair that sees the comic side can also find denizens lurking in the dark corners of the mind. In fact, I think that the breadth of mind that allows for both wit and worry is most often found in a combination of the two. Makes for an interesting life and a challenging one as the witty side and the worrying side work to keep as fine a balance as possible.

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