Tuesday, February 20, 2018

On The Public Good

I have long believed that we are not set on earth to just live self-involved little lives; we can, of course, if that’s all we’re up to, but I think that we have a “mission” of sorts; I think we are on board to add to the public good, or if we are considering ourselves from a more spiritual aspect, we are here to reveal the Presence of God more perfectly! This, I think, is a perfectly natural way of seeing ourselves as living beings. We all are people who either use up the resources at hand…or we add to the betterment of the life and resources that were here to receive us. Simple…just a passing on of the greater good that came into life with us.

Bring new structures...

We can do this in any number of ways. We can use our brains to bring new structures into the way human beings affect the earth and its minions. We can also use our hearts and minds to engage in the consciousness raising of our homes, neighborhoods, cities and the very planet itself.

Not neutral nothings...

We are not neutral nothings. Because our bodies take up space and our minds affect the thought atmospheres around us, we will either add to or subtract from the very lives we are living. These days our world needs the best of us…energies, hearts and spiritual love… big, life-securing deals sometimes, but mostly lots of every day, mind-opening, listening-ear, small deals.

Are we up for this?

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