Tuesday, April 17, 2018

About Trust

The idea of trust is not an entity we can hold in our hands, but it might as well be. There is so much power in trust validated and trust betrayed that the energy surrounding these two polarities cannot be underestimated, and collectively the elements of trust are very much global at this time, especially with the monumental betrayals in the millions perpetrated by Facebook upon its users. In a recent newspaper article I read the comments of Ian I. Metroff, a leader in the field of crisis management, who wrote: “Once trust has been squandered, it’s extremely difficult to repair.” I would add that once trust is broken, it can never be conferred again. It must be earned… if that is possible.

Senses of safety and security...

More than money, more than great place, the possession of trust overwhelms all else, and the one who does not know this is in danger of doing irreparable harm to his world of relationships. Trust would not be the big deal that it is if it were not for the extremes that it involves. Consider: Trust validated brings tremendous senses of safety and security, while trust betrayed absolutely destroys senses of well being and ongoing good.

We must exercise great care...

Obviously trust is not a quality to be left to casual living because of the intensity of its energies. If we are interested in being trustworthy, it would seem that we must exercise great care in the healthy treatment of those hearts entrusted to us.

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