Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On Wonderful Me

One recent morning when my mind was in neutral, a cute little patter song from the 1950’s floated up from memory… first recorded by Nat King Cole… that went like this:

     I was walkin’ along, mindin’ my business
     When out of an orange-colored sky,
     Flash! Bam! Alakazam!
     Wonderful you came by…

Imagine this with one of the 50's bouncy tunes, and you’ve got a winner. And as you know, once silliness gets started, it gets contagious, so pretty soon these incautious words came to me:

     I was standin’ around, checkin’ the mirror
     When to my own image I was steered.
     Flash! Bam! Alakazam!
     Wonderful me appeared!

And why not? Why not sing to ourselves the beauty of our own spirit? Not long ago Religious Scientists were enjoying their own little song:

     I love myself the way I am.
     There’s nothing I need to change.
     I’m beautiful and capable.
     There’s nothing to re-arrange.

Shouldn’t we be singing and humming these little ditties to ourselves regularly? Shouldn’t we be pulling the threads of lightness and joy from our spirit and letting them spill out in front of us? Most news can be pretty negative unless we search for stories of people who are bringing their gifts to the world…caring for others, creating good tech programs that assist people in better living, bringing a cheerful greeting to people we meet, as simple as that may seem. Our outflow of love as smiles, words of encouragement and deeds is the consistent gift we can bring to a sometimes very sorry world by our simple choices to do so. There are so many unique things, small and large, that the wonderful me has to offer.

The mirror doesn’t lie.

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