Tuesday, January 18, 2022



            When we are assessing our health, we should take time to consider our level of Wholeness.  How “complete” are we? Does anything seem to be missing, and are there areas of ourselves that seem to need more attention; for instance, which kind of track does our thinking take?  Are we as present and positive to our lives as we should be, or are we “letting ourselves go” in some ways?

We give way...          

 In busy times and especially when times seem harder or more demanding, I think that sometimes we give way to what is at hand and do not always take the loving and positive care of ourselves that we should.  Our own lives, especially our own thoughts, will always be closer to us than anything else.  We cannot, nor should we, expect that others can think for us or choose the directions our lives will take.

No one else can bring our gifts...            

Taking responsibility can be challenging at times, especially when our surroundings are not always encouraging.  Nevertheless, no one else can bring our gifts but we ourselves, and it is part of our display of Wholeness when we know and appreciate this.  “One day at a time” is a good motto to keep before us, especially when there is much to think about and difficult choices to make. 

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

On Being Present


On Being Present

            In these days of great busy-ness and many distractions, it is easy to become bewildered, lose our focus and be anything but what is often called…”present.”   In other words, our awareness, our attention, our mindfulness can be somewhere else… not accessible to us at the moment.  Our bodies may be on hand, but the rest of us is elsewhere. There is nothing particularly awful about this, but it does mean that the wisdoms and graciousness that we might bring to a circumstance may not be momentarily available to us, and their absences may deny us an instance that needs our healing skills.

We always have the opportunity...           

 Whether we know it or not, we are always necessary to wherever we find ourselves.  We always have the opportunity to bring our love, our peace, our joyous healing wherever we go… unless we are not present to the moment.  Of course, of course we will be again.  We will be gathered together; we will be equal to the healing spot… but maybe not now.

What our "present-ness" means...          

 Maybe we should consider what our “present-ness” means.  Is it important enough for us to practice inherent clarity in our thinking so that we can count on ourselves when a need arises?  Are we really aware of the essential gifts that we carry with us, and do we trust ourselves to know how to use them?  Hmmmm…… perhaps this is worth thinking about… in a very present fashion.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Favorite Things


            Years ago a popular song was written entitled “My Favorite Things,” which enumerated several favorites, such as rainbows, tasty food dishes, gifts, etc.  It was circulated enough to encourage many of us to  bring up several personal favorites, some of which turned out to include many mundane items, like certain songs, games, clothing… all sorts of seemingly non-exciting things.   Many of them, as I said, reminded us of some ordinary belongings.  Perhaps this was no real surprise since we have come to realize that it is a good idea to turn our minds to the impactful parts of ourselves.


A Few life affecting situations...            

Every day we are personally creating the elements of our lives, some of which become groundbreaking and others much less attention getting… and this is the way our lives usually proceed.  There are a few, life-affecting situations which occur to change everything, but mostly there are the ordinary items and movements which move the days along.

Value it all...            

It is wise to value it all, to thrill at what excites and stimulates us and to learn from the ordinary and the difficult, for, as we know, our lives will contain some of each.  If we value only the beautiful and pleasant and toss away the sad and sorrowful, we may be turning away from something immensely important to us, something that may not return in quite the same way again.


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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

When is enough enough


            When is enough enough?  When is it time to pull the plug…to quit interminable extensions… to hang it up… to finally let go?  This is a question that gets asked over and over again, and yet there seems to be no real answer to it.  When it comes to the important elements of relationships, I suspect that, as long as a little thing called “hope” is on hand, enough will never be enough!

Things can get better...            

There is in many of us the wish that things can always get better, that more and greater discovery will allow something to change and improve…and in many cases this is so, hence the absence of “enoughness.”  This only happens, though, when all in a relationship have a stake in a viable outcome and a willingness to “hang in there.”

Release seems natural...           

Eventually there will come a time in most relationships… be they romantic, casual or business-like… when there is no more opportunity for continuance and when letting it go is truly the next move.  When this happens and the need for posturing or hanging on ceases, we will know it and release will seem natural.  If we are paying attention and straightforward in our actions, we will know without lots of effort when enough is enough.  There will be no need for grasping, and the open hand of new possibilities will be welcome.

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