Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Never Too Much Love

    The spiritual scholar, Ernest Holmes, unequivocally stated that “Love is the grandest healing and drawing power on earth. It is the reason for our being…” (S of M, 298) To be so completely devoted to one’s own statement, as Holmes obviously was in his utterance, suggests a powerful belief beyond adherence to the mere things of the earth! This is but one of many of Holmes’ statements on the durability and the scope of love. Over the years, as I have experienced love and turned it over in my mind, I have come to believe that as a powerful, energetic emotion, whenever love is present anywhere, it cannot be missed. It is so much more than a romantic experience.

So important is a basic expression of love...

    Love is essential to our being, and if we find ourselves lacking in the loving interaction, mentally, emotionally, and physically, we may also find ourselves functioning at a level that deters us from experiencing life at the highest level, so important is a basic expression of love.

Love is one of the gifts of the Spirit...

    Perhaps we should remember that it is important not only to be intellectually clear-headed but also to be open at deep, spiritual levels to the wealth of love that comes with us into life. I truly believe that love is one of the gifts of the Spirit and that this overlay into all that we do gives life the magnificence it was meant to have.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

An Expansive Life


            We are all on a journey of expansion throughout our lives.  As spiritual beings living a human life, as the late Wayne Dyer liked to say, we are meant to realize more of our spirituality and include it in our daily living so that this deeper part of ourselves becomes more natural in our everyday ministrations.  I remind us that, even though this expansion can sometimes get out of hand physically, it is an internal growth that marks our increasing wisdom and stature.  We cannot stay stuck in “sameness;” we are meant to grow into every corner of ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and, of course, physically as well.  Our “without” must be as healthy and active as our “within”!

Are we taking regular check-ins....          

 Are we taking regular check-ins to see if we are as awake and attentive to our inner life as we should be?  Do we engage in regular mental activity, such as contemplation and meditation, to make sure that our inner circuits are transmitting vital ideas for us to work with?  Perhaps we are not aware of how complex our deeper connection to Divine Spirit is and how it overlays our entire lives!

We may be short circuiting our contributions...           

 We really do have much that we can personally bring to our life circumstances, and we may be short circuiting our contributions.  Perhaps we really should take stock of who and what we are to make sure that we fulfill our own Divine Intentions!


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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Take Time to Think


            Does it seem strange that I should admonish us to take time to think?  Aren’t we thinking all the time?   I would say yes… and no.  Many times we are not thinking so much as simply responding to what’s in front of us.  We are using minimal mental energy to dispatch with what is demanded of us, but we are capable of so much greater uses of the mind we were given.

We actually have to learn how to think...          

 We actually have to learn how to think.  As babies our thoughts are scattered and uncontrollable, and it really takes years for us to actually “take thought” and develop a means of mental movement that covers important ground.  As important as physical activity is, it is mental direction that guides our days and moves us into important decisions.

Are we leading really full lives....           

 Are we opening ourselves to the important inner spaces that await us, some very desperately needing our attention?  Are we leading really full lives by being curious enough to examine the mysteries of the mind as they open to us in sometimes strange ideas?  To look into new thoughts and ideas is often to be made uncomfortable.  It is so much easier to remain lodged in the comfort of the familiar, but much that is new and important will elude us if we do not take the awaiting journey that lies in thought.

            Perhaps we should get started….

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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Moving On


            Recently during one of my walks I ran across a stand of red-leafed maples.  I found myself crunching through a sea of solid red leaves that lost their battle with approaching winter and wound up on the ground and hillsides.  Lovely they were, but a reminder that the cold months were coming and that these bones tend to resist cold weather.

 Get on with things....         

 Time to man up (or woman up) and get on with the things that are mine to do regardless of what’s going on outdoors!  This really is the case for us, isn’t it?  There are things that await us, some which we have drawn to ourselves, some not, that must be attended to, and the vigor and swiftness that we exercise in doing so are indications of the durability of our natures.

A stronger, more defined sense of self...          

 We can only slough off just so long on our responsibilities lest we risk being seen as perpetual children, and who really wants that?  Yes, some things are hard; some things are sad, and some things seem to take tremendous effort, but there is usually a stronger, more defined sense of self that accrues to us because we did them.  We already know this, and probably for a long time, so it makes sense to get on with getting on as the march of days and weeks keep moving along…and we with them!

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