Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Keep It Simple

Sometimes the simplest means are the best. In a non-stop world where technology keeps us aware of everything happening in every corner of the globe, a simple, quiet stream is often the most effective to be had. Activity does keep the brain moving, but the body may often be better served by a slower, more reflective pace.

 A calmer, more thoughtful approach ....

It isn’t always necessary that we get the most stirring news first thing in the morning. We do not need to “hit the ground running” every day. Indeed, a calmer, more thoughtful approach is often the most nourishing mode to get the day off to a good start. Certainly we want our energies to be on hand all throughout the day and not run out of steam prematurely.

 We have much to give...

We have much to give in the course of the day… our quickness of mind, our abilities to think clearly, and most certainly, our love. It is good, then, to keep ourselves right in the middle of our good-producing activities so that we might always be able to bring our best selves into every situation. Then we become invaluable, and I believe we really have wonderful, personal gifts to bring to each day. A simple approach helps to insure that our gifts are within hand’s reach!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

On The Job

The recent months have been filled with concerns about the coronavirus, conflicted politics, forest fires, bad air… you name it.  At times these concerns seem to crowd our spiritual practices, and some may wonder about the value of daily turnings within.  Concerns come and go, however, as they always have, and they need not really pose a great impact on those who practice spirituality, for these inner concentrations are really part of the warp and woof of our being.  In good times and in hard times, we are spiritual beings, and we are in this life for the “long haul,” so to speak.  We are on hand to move through our days, difficult or easy.
 "On the Job"....

 In a sense, people who utilize spiritual thinking are “on the job.”  Not only are their practices on hand to ease their own senses of wellbeing, but they are also a general assist in keeping public attitudes in order.  We all know that those of us who work to keep our thinking clear also create a more peaceful influence on people and situations around us.  Therefore we have good reasons to stay true to our healing, clarifying practices.  Not only do we keep our own lives in order, but we also add to the general sense of calmness and peace, and perhaps that is the best reason of all to be on the job for Good!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Peace of God


The Apostle, Paul, established several churches in the lands he ministered to throughout Asia Minor, and when he wrote to the people, he often invoked the Peace of God in his words as a gifted greeting. In my own writings, I do not usually think to do this because I try to avoid too much ”God talk” so as not to put off my more secular readers. However, maybe I should include this wonderful invocation at times. The Peace of God is a gift we can all share because, as one of the Gifts of the Spirit, it is always present. It doesn’t have to be reasoned into being; it needs only to be recognized and called out.
Remember the Divine Gifts...

In these conflicted days, perhaps we should remember the Divine Gifts more often and turn to them in our thoughts and prayer work. Peace we know of, and also Divine Love, Grace and the ability to have Faith are some others. Why are we not involving the natural, Universal harmonies as we engage in our daily thinking? Certainly we need all the inner wisdom and steadiness we can get!

 Include the holy energies...

I am going to re-think some of my spiritual practices to include the holy energies that we all bring with us into life. I am going to turn more often to Love and Peace, knowing that they ae always at hand and only await my invitation. Definitely I can enjoy the goodness of the Divine Inheritance that rests within me!

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