Tuesday, May 17, 2022

A Wise and Valuable Person


            I sometimes think that the quality of wisdom has been bad rapped!  It somehow can seem “stodgy,” uninteresting, while others of our important life qualities, such as vigor, vitality and resolution, may seem more inviting and compelling.  Perhaps, at first glance, in some ways, wisdom can seem almost inactive, a characteristic that can seem almost secondary and less desirable.  But if we are to consider these qualities that we earnestly value when assessing what we need to live considerably and well, wisdom rates among the most important, for if we have the active, thriving daily qualities of vibrant living in our possession but lack the know-how of wisdom as we use them, we may find ourselves wasting what we have.

We are not born wise...          

 We are not born wise, but wisdom comes as we experience life on a daily basis if we are attentive enough to take on impressions gained and keep them securely in our mentalities for use on a future basis.  Simply put, great wisdom is a quality carefully crafted over months and years of attention given to what we learn about ourselves every day.  However… we have to care about growing wisdom as we grow other, more active life qualities and remember that, when other qualities may ebb over time, wisdom gleams resplendent and can even be enlarged.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Know Thyself


            No better recommendation could be made than Socrates’ “Man, know thyself,” for this is the ultimate in discovery.  This is the finest use of time, energy and exploration.  This search is the quintessential use of directed effort in right use of our private time and excellence.  Whether we know this or not, we are essentially always engaged in some form of self searching  when it comes to the best use of what we know about ourselves.  The key is when this scenario is engaged intentionally rather than simply an occasional foray into self discovery.  Intention is always more fruitful in our use of energy rather than occasional glances into some parts of ourselves that look enticing now and then.

We will simply need to be curious...          

 We will simply and honestly need to be curious about the depth and breadth of ourselves as “spiritual beings living a human life,” as Wayne Dyer said.  Once earnestly engaged, this search will be life long, for I don’t believe we can ever come to know all there is to know about ourselves.  Someone once said that we always are in a state of “discovery,” always taking form and leaving form but never being fully formed.

This journey can be lonely and difficult          

 Sometimes this journey can be lonely and difficult, but that is never a reason to cease the effort.  The desire for self awareness is an endeavor that is constant, bringing the possibility of fulfilment and keen internal knowledge.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Making Active Choices


This is not the time to “hang out” and just let ourselves be carried along by whatever the energies of daily events may dictate.  Unless we are living a quiet, pastoral existence that is not disturbed by external events, we will probably be interrupted many times during the day by situations we hadn’t expected.  Consequently, since we cannot ensure many of the circumstances that occur within our days, we will need to pay attention to our choices to make sure we can set in motion the best possible activities under our control.

Are we thinking on purpose?....          

 Paying attention to our choices begins with being attentive to the nature of our thoughts.  For instance, are we controlling the directions our thoughts are taking?  Are we thinking on purpose?  Are we determining the ways in which our activities proceed as we live intentional lives?  So many situations punctuate our days that we must now intentionally guide the ways we think and the decisions we make.  We should not let ourselves be carried along by prevailing themes; these allow us to fall into daily, unguided thought modes, and our lives are too important to be left to circumstantial thinking.

We must live intentional lives...         

 We must live intentional lives more than ever, and not fall into making casual, unguided decisions.  Wise, creative, directive living depends on this.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

A Necessary Pause


No one can doubt that we live in a pressure-filled time of existence.  Our capacities to broadcast news and events from anywhere in the world at any time insures that if we are near a television set, we will receive information on whatever is going on almost instantly after it takes place… and sometimes before, if we have a heads up to something that is due.  All of this can sometimes cause us to run head long into news we hadn’t planned on… and therefore things we could often wish to be without.

"Pauses in our days...            

This makes it necessary for us to have “pauses” in our days, times when we can peruse our own thoughts quietly and amicably in our own spaces and at our own intervals.  It is definitely unhealthy to find ourselves often “up against” some negative situation that we did not expect and often were unprepared for.

A secure stopgap in our thinking...            

The demands of living often being what they are, let us, then, make sure that there is a “pause” in us that we can count on, a secure stopgap that serves our thinking processes with calming, healing ideas, a belief system, perhaps, that serves as a place of rest and inner security.  When life cannot give us the calmness and security we want and choose, we will need to create a serene place within us to which we may go for desired succor.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Real Value


We have choices every day on how we shall live our lives.  We can look ahead and plan with the intention to use our hours in the best possible ways, or we can simply pass through time without much thought or energy.  Or, worse, we may even form evil intentions so that we actually bring harm to ourselves or others.

We have choices...          

 Now, who would do that, we might think?  Who would deign to bring harm into life as some kind of purpose?  This is not as strange as one might think, for those who do not know their real value as possibly loving, creative individuals may certainly misuse the thrust of their energies for ill.

We are needed...            

The fact that we come forth into the world as essential beings should tell us that we are needed as one of the places where life stands forth in the world… as ourselves!  As wondrous and varied as we are, every one of us is a unique and treasured spot where self expression holds dear. If we do not realize our true value as an expressive stand, we are cheating ourselves… and others… of what we have to give.  This we must never do, for we are here to bring our value, our love, and our goodness into life as our true reality.

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