Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On Boundaries

As a believer in the Oneness of all life, it is easy and fun for me to sense and imagine the deep connections that living things share, even with parts of life that seem inanimate. There is comfort in believing that all are in this life together, even during difficult times, because the nature of connection keeps trying to establish and re-establish itself as a natural order of things. Sometimes we can see the linkages showing up before our eyes.

"Form is necessary"....

Still, in the midst of all this, are the obvious separations we all share because of the forms we inhabit. Cosmologist, Ernest Holmes, once wrote that “form is necessary to recognition,” to which we say, of course, but how firm and distinct should these boundaries be? We need enough of a personal boundary to keep others from intruding on our senses of well being. No one should ever get to wipe his feet on our souls. But when is our boundary so tightly closed that we keep out the experiences that bless us as well as those that hurt?

Something of a paradox....

Shared Oneness combined with the separation caused by personal forms is something of a paradox, isn’t it? And we are always adjusting to the expansion and contractions of together…apart…together…apart. But there is nothing for us but to participate in this glorious conundrum. We may ask: How can I continue to swim in the perfect flow of Being and remember that I am a unique swimmer as well? How can I keep my personal ego from overwhelming the gifts that the non-ego has to give?

One, magnificent challenge...

Life is one, magnificent challenge. The believer loves the harmony of unity while being caught in the contradictions of managing a personal experience, which is one of the Gifts of the Spirit. We can do both. We will do both. The expertise comes in learning how.

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