Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On Intuition

I have always considered intuition the means of knowing that does not involve the process of measured reasoning. In other words, it is our capacity to know things without knowing how we know them. This whole idea blows away the “women’s intuition” baloney by suggesting that the notion of women’s having some sort of floaty, untethered awareness that men don’t is a myth. We all have a connection to the core of intelligence that we access every day, sometimes with more interest than at others. Some days we just don’t care much.

Would keep us informed...

One of Ernest Holmes’ favorite thinkers, Thomas Troward, suggests that we have an inner mind of pure spirit that would keep us informed of all we need to know if our objective minds were trained to receive. Nice to know we have a wellspring of information available at our mental fingertips, even if we are not always interested in what it holds.

A close sense of Oneness...

Opening to a close sense of Oneness is not that big a deal. We could pay more attention to what thoughts and feelings come up to tell us. It’s a noisy world we live in unless we happen to be cloister nuns, and so we’ll need to encourage an open side to our minds to catch what the greater Mind has for us. Actually I think this kind of mental training is part of what it means to function as a spiritual being living a human life, as Wayne Dyer might say.

Consider what more of life would be available to us. Ya gotta love it!

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