Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On Yesterday and Today


In the 1960’s the Beatles recorded a haunting song entitled “Yesterday,” in which the singer longed for a day past when all seemed wonderful and trouble free. Interesting, isn’t it, what we are wishing for. Today we are just as inclined to drag a troubled yesterday into a brand, new today, marring it immediately with a problem which did not begin in the new day.

Messing up a new dawn...

In other words, we could say that we are either wishing for another, better time, or we are messing up a new dawn with an old worry. It’s no wonder, is it, that we are seldom willing to let an old problem go and let a new possibility unfold? Does it ask too much to let ourselves be uncoupled from what was so that we can take full advantage of what is now? Maybe so.

What can never be...

When the days of our lives get shorter, we begin to notice how much time and energy we are spending on what was, what wasn’t and perhaps what can never be. This kind of thinking can never bring anything but sorrow, regret and disappointment. Yet we continue to do it, perhaps because it has become a habit.

A child's new day...

The Infinite Mind is always new, which means that, since we use the Infinite Mind as our own, we are always new as well. What might it be like it we remembered this every morning we awoke? What if we decided to give this day before us a try before we overrode it with yesterday’s memories? The very young do this all the time until they become subjected to the erosion of memory. When the Master, Jesus, instructed his followers to become as little children, do you suppose he was thinking of the freshness of a child’s new day? Worth a revisit, I’d say.

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