Tuesday, December 13, 2016

On Sound and Fury


Many of us are not very friendly with Shakespeare, but lots of us are familiar with Macbeth’s plaintive dismay with life as he said,” It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” How much more dismal could anyone feel? And most of us have felt ourselves in this spot from time to time at least, if not with some regularity. When we get caught up with the clatter of life and its indiscretions, when we seem overwhelmed from every side with endless noise and useless commentary, when we are blasted with media tripe…wow, will it ever end?

Stand down...

This tells us that it is time to stand down and let the passing scene pass. It is quite possible that we are intruding ourselves…or maybe being sucked into…things that are not ours to mess with. A few weeks ago I submitted a blog called “On Micro Vacations,” in which I remarked on the need for peace without intrusions. After the recent political nightmare, which apparently created its own election stress disease, it seems that the need for a resident place of peace is more important than ever.
Mindful of ourselves...

Since we cannot expect noisy, contentious circumstances to take note of our needs, we will need to be mindful of ourselves. Our needs must come to the top of the list, and we must see to our own wellbeing. Where are the places that are not regaled with sound and fury? Some are within us, of course, and others may lie in times spent with loving companions or a good book. We blow off these necessary, regular times out at our peril, so say headaches and churning stomachs.


Calm…quiet…or maybe even a day or partial day without TV or electronic devises. Let’s think about it and see if it fits.

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