Tuesday, May 23, 2017

On Nature's Kiss

 Just when I was enmeshed in the turmoil of politics and feeling an unsettling I could not seem to calm, nature came along and kissed me! That day I was in my front yard when a contractor’s workman beckoned to me to look into a neighboring yard where he was working. “Cannabis, cannabis!” I thought I heard him say through a thick accent. Now that could be interesting, I thought. Turns out he was excitedly saying, “Honeybees, honeybees!” There, on a large boulder beneath a leafy bush, was a thriving, moving swarm of bees, with arrivals zooming in and out of the mass. When and how they came, we did not know, but they reminded me that, throughout man’s harum scarum antics, nature is busy doing its thing…effortlessly, simply and beautifully unconcerned with our thrashings. No wonder the workman was excited! So was I! It had been decades since I’d seen a swarm of bees…and here they were, a gift unimagined in the day’s mischief. As I watched, I was softly settling into peace.

A new queen's search...

Later in that day I came back to visit but by then the bees had gone, probably on a new queen’s search for a permanent hive, sojourning for a spell but not staying. Still, the gift was fully received and remained, a simple joy in my "troubled bosom", so to speak, for many hours.

A beautiful thing...

I was reminded that a beautiful thing need not last forever or be elaborately complicated. And it can be perched for a while in our front yards if we will but see. I have long felt that the Universal Mind always knows what I need. Well, it certainly did that ordinary day!

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  1. Much like the "rainbow amazing" that welcomed us this morning,
    Beauty seen is never lost! quote by John Greenleaf Whittier