Tuesday, May 30, 2017

On Perspectives

            For our purposes in this blog, I am considering perspectives as the way we as individuals see ideas, things and circumstances and how we relate to them. This brief definition does not, of course, take in the technological aspects of this broad subject, but today we are only seeking perspective as it affects us personally. In a few words, what is my surrounding, and how does it strike me…as thoughts, physical situations and means? How we interpret these elements in our lives becomes our perspective.

Information overload...

I think it is difficult to change our personal perspective simply because we choose to. After all, isn’t it more comfortable to ride along with what we already know or believe? Certainly there are times in these days of information overload when I personally feel that I do not want to have to think about one more thing! Enough already! Let me be secure in my little world!

What adjustments must I make?....

This, of course, will not compute for long. Even if we do not want change, it will continuously show up around us, forcing us to check our perspectives yet again. Consider this iconic statement: “The barn burned down. Now I can see the moon.” What does an unchanged perspective hide? What does a change in perspective reveal? What more adjustments must I make when my relationships to ideas, things and circumstances change, whether I like it or not?

"Shift happens"...

“Shift happens,” and we would be wise to be willing to let our perspectives expand throughout all. Growth is not always fun, especially if our convenient mind sets begin to feel too tight. Broad or narrow, expansive or constrictive… it’s all a matter of perspective.

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