Tuesday, May 16, 2017

On Rule # 1

          Anyone who has spent any time engaged in caring for others knows that there is a cardinal rule that must be observed. To ignore this rule is to invite eventual disappointment and maybe even disaster. And what is this famous Rule #1? Simply, it is right self care… rest, times out, laying back and nourishing the needs of the self! Anyone who thinks that we are selfish when our needs come to the top of the list is being short sighted and very naïve’.

Caring takes energy...

Consider that caring takes energy; being a part of others’ lives takes personal expenditures, and loving usually requires action. If these are not replaced with proper awareness of our own needs, we will absolutely find ourselves eventually running on empty. Our bodies need rest, and our emotions cannot endlessly be run ragged by the needs of others.

Our personal humanity must be recognized...

It is not enough for us to declare ourselves “above” the satisfaction of our own personal requirements, and we do not become more “spiritual” if we do. We are as completely spiritual as we are ever going to be, and we are always entering into the depth of our spirituality when we think, dream and act. We cannot keep from doing so since we believe that we are unified with Essential Spirit and carry Its characteristics within us. The wisdom comes when we understand this and also understand that our personal humanity must be recognized as part of our spiritual living and given the self love and self care that it deserves!

The Infinite Flow of Good...

The Infinite Flow of Good which we willingly gear toward the healthy living of others must naturally have Its way in us as well!

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