Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Ode to Chocolate


When the world gets serious and scary, there is something to be said for a little goofiness, and nothing gets goofier than bending the knee in honor of chocolate! What, indeed, is the mystic call that makes so many of us go ga-ga about a delectable, brown bit of deliciousness? Can we ever know…and do we even care? 

Dripping with fudge...

Let’s recognize a few guidelines that are generally shared by chocolate aficionados: 1) Milk chocolate is for chocolate interns, those just getting their teeth wrapped around the glorious stuff. 2) Only enough sugar to curb dark chocolate’s bitterness is needed for ingestion. 3) White chocolate is a sin against nature! I mean, let’s be real: Chocolate is brown; vanilla is white and will never make the grade against a sundae splashed with a dose of nuts, dripping with fudge!

Our good, steadfast ally...

All chocolate addictions can be managed. With a little help from family or friends, a stash of chocolate can be locked away and the key hidden until the time for indulgence is right. And when the day has been hairy and expectations disappoint, when we cannot trust the next moment to be kind, when we feel fleeced, foxed, betrayed, dismissed, discarded, misunderstood, misapplied, and completely left out, there is always our good, steadfast ally hidden in the drawer, the one that never lets us down…chocolate!

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  1. Nothing like a dopamine hit of chocolate to chase the blues away! ;)

  2. Agreed! Why just weekend I had a small bowl of Dove dark chocolate on the table foe a group of painters in the making
    and passed it around when a dose of "no fear" was needed!