Tuesday, May 9, 2017

On Never Good Enough

  Some of us, somewhere, somehow, got it into our heads that nothing we did was ever good enough, and this is one helluva spot to be in as a spiritual being. Frankly, it does not make sense that, if we have awareness of our personal spirituality, there would somehow be a place for “not enough.” However, rationality is not all we possess. There is that sometime spot, clouded by emotion, that can allow us to hold lack and limitation within ourselves, together with our natural spirituality. 

"Not enough-ness"

How does this happen? Perhaps we were taught this by others who did not know who we are…parents, perhaps, older siblings, people whose opinion we valued. Perhaps we were young and vulnerable, and we believed them. Or maybe “not enough-ness” was something we made up about ourselves, particularly if we did not know who we are.

"Get over ourselves!"

If we find these overtones ringing within us every time we attempt something that does not match our perfectionist standards, today is a good day to, as they say, “get over ourselves!” Life needs us too much for us to spend precious time flagellating ourselves for real or imagined shortcomings. Nobody gets it right all the time; why should we expect that we will? Besides, aren’t mistakes something from which to learn? Wouldn’t this make us more interesting…and compassionate?

 Numberless divine do-overs....

We are made with numberless divine do-overs at our fingertips. Why shouldn’t we take advantage of them any day, every day? If we believe we are made of Infinite Stuff, doesn’t it make sense to use the Gifts of the Spirit that are ours?

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