Tuesday, July 25, 2017

On Summer Love

       Astrologically speaking, I am the most Leo of Leos. Born in the first ten degrees of the sign, I have a new moon chart, with not only a Leo sun but also a Leo moon, all of which really makes me a summertime baby. And since I live in a Mediterranean climate zone, we folks are spared exposure to the most blazing rays of summer sun, which is perfectly ok with me since, as fair-skinned as I am, I cannot hang out in the sun anyway.

A spot for summer...

I do enjoy summer, with its early dawns and long, warm nights, showing daylight clinging to the skies well into the evening. In fact I have long kept a spot for summer in my heart for years so that, when I feel cold and dark, I can look forward to an inner light. I have felt that the seasons of the earth can become seasons of the heart and, wherever we live, we may find a little spring in our step or enjoy the long shadows of autumn as we do a little dreaming.

A rich, inner life...

In a demanding world where much is happening that we cannot control, it is good to have a rich, inner life that is spiritually comforting. Everybody needs a place of refuge, and some of the best we carry around inside ourselves. I recommend that we corral our brightest thoughts and most satisfying inquiries at hand so that we always have a little summer on tap.

Put a little love in your heart...

What’s the song title…”Put a little love in your heart?” We can do this and bring a little summer love along with us.

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