Tuesday, November 7, 2017

On Life

Who is fool enough to take on this subject? What can we know of life except perhaps our own tiny corner of it? We can postulate all we like on its elements, its conditions, its knowns, its mysteries but we can only truly know its movement within us and the murmurings it continues to whisper in our ears…but if we are cloudy, unclear, perhaps jaded and deeply saddened, even that part of life that taps on the outskirts of our minds cannot always make itself known to us!

Life will "out"....

One thing we can know…that life will “out!” No matter if we try to hide who and what we are, we may succeed briefly, but sooner or later our particular template on the moving stream will reveal itself for all to see, and perhaps the most surprised person at such innate revelations may be we ourselves! Socrates’ great utterance, “Man, know thyself,” can have the potential for great discovery if we will let it, and maybe we should take another look at its meaning for us. Does it mean that we should give up pretenses and posturing? Should we pay more attention to what our close-in senses tell us? Wouldn’t an honest, self awareness allow us to more perfectly use the talents at our fingertips?

A healed, revealed sense...

Most certainly it would seem that a truly healed, revealed sense of self would allow us to bring more of our gifts to the very act of being alive. Perhaps we should be quiet for a bit and turn another corner!

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