Tuesday, November 21, 2017

On Thinking Hard Thoughts

 With so much confusion, misery and “fake” news filling the media maze, it becomes very easy to simply wander off into video games or mindless television. And who would blame us? Our leaders often present less-than-inspiring, if not downright pointless, self-congratulatory commentary, much of it aimed at intentional deception through mountains of “snow.” It becomes difficult to keep up with, especially when we painfully realize that we must look hard to find information we can really trust. 

The difficult search for truth...

But the difficult search for truth is what we are being called upon to make. As people who live in a country of laws, democracy only stays front and center through a citizenry that attentively demands the best of our leaders. Having voted in many elections and considered many important issues, I have never before felt as bereft as I do these days. Apparently I have lots of company because it seems that many normally non-political types…academics, scientists, those some would consider “elites”…are venturing into the messy world of office holding.

Think hard thoughts...

Hooray, I say! If I were a bit younger and less encumbered, I’d even consider entering this world myself. Even so, I make the promise to myself to think hard thoughts, to pay greater attention to what is being presented, to be more discerning in discovering what is brilliance and what is b------t! This is something we can all do…something we should do…something we must do. Our land, our people, ourselves, need the best we can bring to each day.

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