Tuesday, January 30, 2018

On Telling Stories

       Who are the most imaginative folks we know? Who tell the best stories? We do! We are the ones closest to us, and we know ourselves better than anyone. The problem is that we may have invented negative stories about ourselves because we were told how bad or stupid we were and came to believe this. Perhaps parents or other people we valued told us we were not ok…and we took it as the truth. Perhaps we also interpreted some hard situations by seeing ourselves as inadequate and put ourselves down.

Spiritual beings at work...

Have we forgotten that we are spiritual beings at work in the world today? Yes, we make mistakes and are sometimes unaware of who we really are, but we can self correct at any moment and open ourselves to the largeness of our being. To continue reinforcing self-defeating, internal talk will serve no purpose except to make it more difficult to accept ourselves as we truly are… places where God stands forth in the world as ourselves!

Create a new beginning...

It is never too late to re-discover ourselves and create a new beginning in our own lives. If we need help, let us find those who will be on hand for us, sharing love and prayer. Certainly it is worth the effort to stop the mindless chatter within our own heads and begin to remember our spiritual truths. We can tell a new story, one that matters greatly to our enhanced living. We can look in the mirror each day and speak the words: I am a spiritual being. I bring my love and my creativity into every day. I have gifts to bring… and I make a difference!

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