Tuesday, December 29, 2015

On Completions

The old year is dying. There are only a few days left to it, and many of us make quite a big deal of it with big-time celebrations and much whooping and hollering. Nature, of course, does not seem to care about the change of times and seasons. It does not take note of rain or shine, nor is it upset when the weather roars. We, however, are, and beginnings and endings seem to mean a lot to us, so we might as well make use of the finishing year and make our completions.

Ceremonial sorts...

Since many of us seem to be ceremonial sorts, why not use these closing days of 2015 to bring closure to things that have been hanging fire? Is there a deal or project we have been demurring over…let’s get it done. Maybe there is an old friend or colleague we have not touched base with for a while…let’s make that call, and a live call it should be, not a text or a tweet.

Mindless wool gathering...

There is something to be said for making completions at a time that invites them, which the year end does. Nature may not care about calendar dates, but we do, and we can make use of these self-imposed starts and stops to be as creatively engaged in living as possible. How many beautiful songs mourn the time that slipped away while we were not watching? Well, we don’t have to be subject to such mindless wool gathering. We can create our own endings with our heart’s love and very present attentiveness while we are really living, not just passing time.

God's "wonderful surprises"...

And guess what? There is no completion that does not lead to a regeneration just around the corner. If we are up for them, some of these turn out to be some of God’s “wonderful surprises!”

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  1. Thank you Dr. Margaret. ..every year, I make the same resolution...no New Years resolutions! 2015 was a good but difficult year, having lost my younger sister to cancer. It was a life changing event for our family. Many menial things put on hold, business pursued but not aggressively. I find I am looking forward again, taking a class to refocus my business plan. Classes are a good way to invigorate our intentions, and as you taught me long ago, to remind myself what I already know...Happy New Year!