Tuesday, March 7, 2017

On The Wisdom of Surrender

            After we have pulled, pushed, forced, squeezed, threatened, pummeled, shouted, cursed and finally created unrecognizable messes, what do we almost inevitably do??? We surrender…we finally let go of what seems to be immovable, and guess what? Often some slight movement begins to take place and a possible solution enters as a shadowy formation.

Giving over, not giving up.....

Why is it that the very last thing we will do in a difficult situation is surrender to it? Why must we grind ourselves… and possibly everything and everyone around us… to a pulp before we take our willfulness away? Very possibly because we think that surrender means giving up or throwing away. A fine metaphysician of the 20th Century named Ervin Seale had a different idea when he said that surrender meant giving over, not giving up…giving over, that is, to a wiser Mind, a healing opening that would allow something to take place that was not evident during all the pushing and thrashing.

 A breathing space...

I do not subscribe to the current statement: Let’s make it happen. This invites pushing and shoving. I do subscribe to…Let’s let it happen. Here there is breathing space, openings in the mind where something perhaps not yet known can show up.

A positive thought mechanism.....

Surrender can be a positive thought mechanism, especially if we turn to it first, not last! If opposition comes up when we are introducing a method or idea, would it not be more workable for all to surrender to a re-think that might look a little different but gets results?

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  1. Perhaps that is why i call what if not eaten tonight
    but will be refreshed and served tomorrow
    "Planned Overs"!