Tuesday, May 1, 2018

When Enough is Enough


When is enough enough anyway? When we reach “the end of our rope,” so to speak, and suddenly blow up and create a scene? Ok, I suppose, if we have nothing to lose…which is a tenuous position unless we don’t care about burning bridges. We can deeply criticize our leaders if we live in a country liberal enough to allow such rights. Not so desirable, however, if we are in a situation where such criticism can be dangerous at some level…maybe even involving something as mundane as losing a job!  
 Worth thinking through...

Perhaps it is worth thinking through the idea of “enough-ness” since so much can be lost with the utterance of sharp words at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Maybe we could even “legislate” when enough is enough so that we can sense a rumble coming and work to de-fang it before we lay waste to the landscape!

Plan an exit...

Humanly speaking, though, if we have been in a situation long enough, perhaps we should wisely plan an exit so that there need not be “blood on the floor!” What are the wins and losses to be considered, and do the wins greatly outweigh the losses? Are there others to be considered who would be affected by our decisions? And who will feel any inflicted pain?

A complicated thing...

Living fully can be a complicated thing, it seems, and maybe it should be. When our lives are intermingled with the lives of others, it is not always easy to stomp off in a fit of “enough is enough” pique, as inviting as that can sometimes seem to be

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