Tuesday, July 18, 2017

On Truth


When people start talking about a spiritual “truth,” I find myself getting a little fidgety. “Whose truth?”, I think. “What truth?” Are we talking about millennia-old Biblical tales where God told the Israelites to conquer the land of Canaan west of the Jordan…already occupied…because it belonged to them? Or perhaps we are studying the great religions…Christian and non-Christian…whose prophets have told them that they know the truth and others are wrong. We might also be thinking more philosophically of more existential views of truth as states of being and inner understanding rather than instructions from organizations on what are acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. Perhaps there are more questions than there will ever be answers when it comes to a “truth,” and maybe experiences of truth will always be relative to the one who has the experience.

No special truth...

At any rate in our modern times we may be more able to realize that the more we understand ourselves, the more we understand the nature of truth, or God, or Love, or whatever term we choose to use. Perhaps we have grown enough as a species to discover that there is no special truth that belongs to some but not to others. Perhaps we now know that we are more brothers and sisters in life rather than opponents seeking an upper hand.

A world vastly connected...

Ultimately what affects one affects all. In a world vastly connected, this should be more apparent than ever. Maybe, then, we might become more concerned about the ultimate state of wellbeing for all and think of this as a universal, hands-on Truth.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

On the Dawn's Early Light

     Now that I have become a caregiver, I have learned about a land I only occasionally explored when I needed to and only from time to time. This is a land inhabited by denizens of the dawn, the people who daily and regularly start moving in the wee hours of the morning. New mothers know something about this when the newborn squalls early on, but they forget as soon as possible once the infant begins to sleep in. However, consistent early risers train themselves to operate before the sun breaks through, and there is a routine we all form to keep from waking others in the household.

Footsteps and spacings secure...

During the winter months, when dawn is tardy in its breaking, my fingers tell me what my eyes cannot. I can make a bed in pitch darkness and never wake my loved one. Of course it is easier when the daylight extends itself and I can see what I’m doing, but I pride myself on never walking into furniture in the dead of night. I have the footsteps and the spacings secure in my mind, which knows more than my eyes do. There are people who live on the floors below us and I can pad noiselessly through the house, making nary a sound. I know where all the floor squeaks are and can avoid them.

Sharpened my senses...

All these little learnings are hardly rocket science and will certainly not change the world, but they have sharpened my senses so that I have a new appreciation of the life that uses all the senses and not just sight. I have come to enjoy the silent comforts of the darkness before the invasion of the light.

Monsters do not live in the darkness...

I have finally learned that monsters do not live in the darkness but in the imagination and that the silent night will keep our secrets easily and effortlessly for as long as we wish it to.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

On America

O, America!

So much promise not fulfilled,

Yet so full of light

That dark places cannot long abide.

Stand free, stand tall

And let the many bejewel the one.

A nation of princes and peasants,

The great hearts bring blessings,

The small minds their temporary interruptions.

Black, brown, white and yellow

Our faces dot the landscape

And give flesh to the greatness

Of the common whole.

These days need the largeness of our souls

And the willingness of our hands

To mold anew the home of the brave.

Let us be the joyous participants

In a land that embraces the many

And help it complete its destiny.

Might we find again the grace that God shed.

Happy birthday, America!