Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Grassroots Report

In my Oct. 31st blog entitled “On Grassroots Efforts,” which was about finding ways to be connective in a national environment that is divisive, I said I would bring to the readers anything that came to me that showed possibilities, and something was shared with me about an organization called Indivisible.org, which is 6,000 U.S. chapters strong. This came from members of the Berkeley Chapter, and it appears to have lots of options for connecting (i.e. going on line, attending meetings, engaging in activities.) It maintains a newsletter on current concerns and has some political overtones, which may or may not be appealing to some. At any rate it is a connective possibility.

     Just as a tap on the shoulder, I would remind us that wherever and however we find ourselves as human beings deeply involved in spiritual living, acts of connection are very healing, to ourselves and our surroundings. When we are in the midst of national distortions and media hysteria, there must be a place where we can at least feel truth, even if we are not seeing or hearing it in the public domain. Perhaps much of this could be within our own senses of integrity and basic wellbeing, which cannot be disturbed by any person, place or thing external to ourselves---unless we permit it. We can bring our best senses of self to each day, and this would be the highest gift of all.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

On a Second Home

We all need a second home, a place where we can kick back and find a little relief from life’s demands, and some of us actually do manage to own a second property---a home or a cabin perhaps. The rest of us find an agreeable spot where we can hang out for awhile and just enjoy the surroundings, knowing there is no upkeep required of us. Mine is a cozy restaurant nestled in my comfortable neighborhood and is what I call a breakfast version of “Cheers,” although it is available for all three daily meals. It is where I enjoy breakfast on most days, and it is usually teeming with activity.

"The land of nerds and nuts"...

For a provincial neighborhood haunt, it can sport some very interesting characters. To be sure, most of its denizens are middle-class types, but I do remember a guy one time who came in with a parrot on his shoulder. I don’t think he ever came back, but that was ok because either he---or the parrot---was a little ripe up close! The regulars are not really surprised at occasional, colorful, visitors because, after all, this is a part of California’s Bay Area west coast, as a friend of mine liked to say, “the land of nerds and nuts.” Some of the regulars are so predictable that, the minute they come through the door, the staff begins to set out their daily fare before they even order, and how wonderful is it to have a steaming latte’ at your place as you sit down!

A subtle mixture of life's themes...

I think what makes this place home to me is a subtle mixture of life’s themes that stir in the background, familiar strains and movements that gather ‘round me, no matter how I may be feeling, and believe me, when some nights are dark and lonely, the next morning it is deeply encouraging to walk into a place where everybody knows your name…

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

On Being Our Best


These present days really need our best, our best ideas, our best actions, and our consistently-guided intentions. We may be traditionally religious with a distinct belief system, or we may think of ourselves only as “spiritually inclined,” but whatever connection we may cherish to something greater than ourselves, these are very much the times to emphasize it and begin to think clearly about who we are and what accountabilities we may hold to our vital lives.

The people must lead...

Last week I blogged that some very unlikely types are running for public office… teachers, scientists, doctors… those who usually put their energies elsewhere. Could this be something other unlikelies among us might consider doing? I have said that when our leaders do not lead, the people must lead. This is the real meaning of the final line of the Gettysburg Address, the one that refers to government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” 

Our thoughts matter...

Like it or not, we are not sojourners in a strange land; we are not islands in a stream; we are connected by our humanity and love of our land. Our thoughts matter because all acts are preceded by thoughts, however measured or fleeting, and we must ask: What kinds of consequences do my thoughts lead to? Are we careless and unconcerned about the mental atmospheres we create? We should not be any longer. Therefore we must bring our best thoughts and acts into life every day, day by day. We must bring thoughts of compassion, attitudes of creative cooperation and a little thing called love to the fore all the time. Let’s imagine what it would be like if millions of us determined to be the best for ourselves, our neighbors, our cities, our country! Can we imagine what kinds of leaders would come from among us?

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