Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Reflections from the Heart

      Lately we have been called upon to make hard choices using clear thinking and measured decisions, all good, of course, when life needs our best minds and bravest choices. But in all of this, let us remember that the heart needs to be called upon to bring its love and support into play when life shows us an ugly face. The brainy mind has its broad spectrum of ideas and attitudes for guidance and direction. Now let us not forget the sweetnesses of the heart’s nuances as it lightens everything with its softer insights.

Love heals....

While we may need our best thoughts and movements when life throws a demand at us, we must never forget that the healing power of love lifts and restores everything and everyone. Love heals; there is no mistaking this. Love opens; we see this every day when tightly-closed places give way to caring ministrations brought by open-handed individuals. Love reveals; the darkest, secretly-held moments open to the light of love simply given when it seems there is nothing else to bring.

The cloak of love to ease....

Why do we seek to separate wisdom from love when they so obviously work together? Muscular, brain-powered awareness needs the cloak of love to ease the sometimes-battering that we must endure. A modern-day philosopher once wrote that “the life that has not loved has not lived, it is still dead.” Let us, then, never inflict such a thing upon ourselves!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

I am a Spiritual Being

These are difficult days all around. We are dealing with a deadly virus world wide, even as we are experiencing protests while we examine ourselves as human beings. People of color are discovering a vast sense of self which can be a sometimes bumpy journey, and some white people, I am sure, are finding themselves feeling trashed because of their once-secure physical birthright. In the midst of this, I think of a wonderful statement uttered by French scientist, philosopher and priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who said: “We are spiritual beings having a human experience,” and what an experience we have made it!

Find the Oneness that describes us all...

Let’s take another look at this statement… “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” What if we were to consider the fullness of this idea and let ourselves be lifted by our spirituality instead of falling into the worst of our humanity? What if we, in the midst of our diversities, could find the Oneness that describes us all? We were all given the Mind and Heart of God for our use, and we could ask ourselves: What use are we giving these gifts?

 How much Love and Truth can we capture....

We were given Love as part of our living equipment, but we create pain and anger out of ourselves instead when we do not understand who we are and what we have at our disposal. Is it really true that we are spiritual beings?... Let’s see how much Love and Truth we can capture!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Wired for Worrying

    I am a worrier. In fact, I am wired for worrying, so much so that I can find something to worry about every day if I make the effort. For instance, I worry that my newspaper may not arrive in the mornings; I worry that the ice cream may melt if it stays out of the freezer long enough; I worry that I may forget to get gas when I take the car out for that very purpose. But don’t think that it’s only little stuff that I worry about. I’ve got the important stuff covered too (i.e. What if the virus travels to my city? What if our president really sets up a quarrel with the Iranians?)

Good energy could be used....

The worry warts of the world essentially trust no one but themselves since they seem to pay no attention to the ideas of the good thinkers of the world… which is a shame! So much good energy could be used for other needs if worriers would but shift a few burdens to others who get paid for worrying as a profession.
Learning to trust the greater good...

Actually a little worry disconnection is due here, for there are many things and people who need more curious, self-controlled folks in their lives, those who will trust others to take up their due worry discourses on their own behalves. Learning to trust the greater good seems an excellent idea and one that can work for many.

I think I’ll try it… that is, if I’m not worried that I have a wrong idea here!

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