Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Wars Away

When I was a child
A great war seized our land
And other lands as well.
I saw the thunder and death
On movie screens.
I knew the sorrow was great
When some did not return
And adults cried.
Now I am old,
And the wars keep coming.
Fewer die
But the thunder and death continue.
And when I die,
Will there still be wars?
Must there be?
Are there not hearts among us
Who say no more
All over our lands?
Let us live
With no more wars away.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

On Taking Risks

If we think about it, even leaving the house in the morning involves a bit of risk because we cannot be completely certain we’ll re-enter it later in the day. Something might happen to deter us that we weren’t expecting at all. Usually we can pretty much expect an easy return just as most of us do not actively seek to put ourselves in harm’s way…unless, of course, we are adrenaline junkies who need a “crisis fix” to remind us we are alive! Again…not a lot of us venture here.

That place in us that is ready to assist...

But then we know of many stories of people who dash out into the street to retrieve a small child toddling into traffic, or people who jump into bodies of water to save someone from drowning, or those who actually do enter burning buildings looking for someone who needs help. It seems that there is that place in us that is ready to assist when needed…hopefully, not every day.

Adjustments and re-thinking...

Some of the biggest risks of all, though, can unfold silently in rational, emotional and spiritual realms. Suppose we were confronted with an entirely new religious belief system, something we had never considered before. This could create fear, uncertainty, revulsion, any number of thoughts and feelings to contend with… or perhaps a beloved child reveals his or her sexual orientation to be very different than ours. What kind of adjustments and re-thinking would this take?

More fully alive when we love...

Can anyone who risks loving another ever feel really secure again? It may be true that we are more fully alive when we love, but we are also at risk for being disappointed or deeply hurt. There are two big “D’s” that wait in the wings for people who love…Death or Deception…and we risk experiencing one or the other sooner or later.

Better gear up...

Hmmm… seems that there are inherent risks in just being alive, even before we go out the front door! Guess we’d better gear up!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

On The Active Silence

Many people make the mistake of thinking that nothing is happening in the silence. They think of it as dead, empty time if obvious sounds and movements aren’t present, but nothing could be farther from the truth. By its simplicity, the silence many times can permit the spread of peace, but sometimes it fairly throbs with ideas that thrust themselves forward with extraordinary vigor. Actually when noisy activity abounds, it can be really hard to “hear ourselves think.”

A Scary thought...

I know people who must have something going on all the time, and I think that often they just cannot bear to be alone with themselves! What a scary thought it would be to try to avoid our own thinking!

We are needed...

If we can remember that difficult thoughts won’t kill us, perhaps we’ll be more able to pay attention to what needs us. And we are needed. Life needs us; loved ones need us, and we actually are much stronger and more loving if we will let ourselves be guided by what lies within us. Quiet times alone are surely opportunities for us to know what our hearts long for.

A resting space...

We should get to know our quiet selves, for silence does not always pulse with demands for attention. Often it will give us a resting space for some needed times out, small vacations of sorts from activity with times of renewal and refreshment. Worth considering, don’t you think?

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