Tuesday, February 21, 2017

On Doing Some Good

In several of my recent blogs I have alluded to the sense that, as Americans, many of us find ourselves in a deeply unsettling minefield of events that are galloping away and carrying us with them. After an election season that was ominously surreal, we are now entering into a new phase of national leadership that leaves many of us boggled…and perhaps feeling a little helpless to do much.

Do Some Good...

Now is the time to do some good! This business of feeling helpless, angry or disconcerted is not part of the American psyche. We have always been entrepreneurial people and have within us the means to “bring our good into life,” as I like to say. In fact I know that many of us are feeling a natural upsurge to tap the American spirit, sometimes singly, sometimes in small and large groups.

We Can Do This...

Perhaps it is real love of country or the desire for a return of American values, but there is a definite intention to think and act positively, not out of hatred and anger. And we can do this. What if we got together in familial or communal groups to pray, contemplate or discuss acts we might take into the world. Not necessarily big deals, but extra kindnesses instead of cross words…making sure our driving courtesies are up to speed...recognition of the different “others” for doing the best they can…worlds upon worlds of smiles and greetings...getting those bills paid.

"Consciousness raising"...

We could call this “consciousness raising,” which it is, and if enough of us do some good intentionally, however small, every day, we will generate an atmosphere of love and well being that cannot fail to uplevel our country’s well being through the simple extensions of ourselves.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Count me in!

      Who would have imagined that tweets could have unsettled and upset millions of people? Who would have thought that we, as a large group of people, would be so actively thinking about a nation’s wellbeing that we would normally leave to elected officials? But, then, here we are! And it’s probably good that we find ourselves where we are because we so easily take our democratic processes for granted. We usually trust the processes, if not always elected officials, but now many of us perceive the processes themselves to be imminently corruptible…and we’re scared…helped along by a hyper-excited media, complete with vocal foot soldiers…but scared nonetheless. Could a deeply partisan plutocracy actually call shots that would affect an entire country?

Count me in!......

So now that my nascent, patriotic energies are aroused…count me in! I’m not quite sure for what… I’m not in a position to run out and do marches or sit-ins, but I’ve got my voice, and I’ve got my pen, and I’ve got my vote. I feel that, as the year advances, many opportunities will show up where even the meek and moldy among us will find a venue that calls to our hearts.

The Midnight Ride...

In some respects, I feel as if I’m reproducing within myself in a tiny way, a flash back to the midnight ride of Paul Revere, complete with “One if by land, and two if by sea!” Crazy sounding? Maybe. But whatever it is, count me in!

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