Tuesday, October 17, 2017

On Change

How often have we heard the saying that “the only sure thing there is, is change,” and many of us have found this maxim to be quite accurate. Hopefully most change will occur gradually, very much like watching the infant grow into adulthood. But many times a sudden change comes about that catches us off guard, the ending perhaps of a relationship that we thought was doing just fine. Or perhaps a change in the status of a relationship that calls for the immediate adjustment to a living condition.

Forced to cope...

Whatever it may be, sudden change brings a shock to the system, something to be dealt with, even if it is considered a positive change. When something disturbs the status quo, we will be forced to cope since we really can’t hide in a corner and pretend nothing is happening.

Change builds character...

Someone once said that change builds character. I say it can do that while showing us just how much more work we have to do on ourselves! Some of the most demanding change involves the loss of a loved one to death or to the change in a relationship due to a permanent disability. We will be challenged to grow up very quickly in some ways, regardless of our age, but we all learn the value of proper self care while we are doing so. Putting ourselves dead last on the “good” list only makes things worse. Lots of love will be needed, spread around in every direction, and some of it will need to spill over onto us. If more time, care, attention, patience and wisdom is needed, more active love will be also!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

On Courage

    We often think people courageous if they are performing great deeds of leadership, rescue or assistance, maybe even pulling people out of burning buildings. They may indeed be courageous, but often, though, when they are asked later about what they did, they often say they just “did it” without thinking because it was in front of them. I would tend to say that these individuals may be steadfast and bravely accountable to life’s circumstances, but not necessarily courageous, especially if their responses are automatic.

The quiet recesses of the heart...

To my mind, courage is often found in the quiet recesses of the heart of someone who chooses to act when he or she is shuddering with fear or revulsion. There is a decision to be made where no good options appear, but a decision must be made nonetheless. It may involve stepping forward into an outcome that is not knowable at the time. Or it may involve making decisions for a loved one who can no longer participate in them personally but who will certainly be the one affected by them. Sometimes life as we know it will be shattered…yet we are the ones who must act. Who among us would not find ourselves numbed with resistance or quietly fighting back against terror? Still, we make the choices, say the words, sign the papers, walk the footsteps because it is the best we know to do. We may even know somehow that it is the right thing to do. We may pray our way consistently throughout… and should… and still, right in front of us, it is what it is.

An amazing depth of courage...

Messy, perhaps, and deeply heartbreaking at times, but filled with an amazing depth of courage we didn’t know we had…yes!

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

On Looking for the Good

   Just as I was mourning the loss of actually handling and reading books…feeling as so many do that the digital media era will eliminate books eventually …I ran across an article (in a real newspaper) that celebrated the book scene in the San Francisco Bay Area. Apparently it is robust and thriving, with independent book stores burgeoning and book festivals and reading clubs proliferating.

A "secret library of hope"....

Amazingly, poet and artist, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, at 98, still enjoys City Lights Books, which he created in 1953. He was definitely on the scene with Beat generation authors, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg long years ago. City Lights these days wants to inspire hope in a new generation as it creates a " 'secret library of hope’, as a resistance reading list that points the way forward to a new society.” Currently there are those who are dispersing the politically-influenced malaise which dispirits us as Americans and would chop us into separate, divisive cultures that fear and hate the “other.”

Another pocket of hope and encouragement...

Through beautifully-made, hand-cradling books, some are writing again to inspire and uplift readers to seek the best and choose the good. These are things I can stroke with my hand and plop into a chair to inhale…words in a book that can touch my soul and my fingertips as well! How glad I am to find another pocket of hope and encouragement! There was a time when, in my daily mental hygiene, I used to practice an affirmative idea regularly, a simple one: Look for the good and praise it! However could I have let this slip away from me??  I will not do so again.

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