Tuesday, October 16, 2018

On The Values of the Heart

With so much information flooding the media waves, how can we know what is correct? With liars lying at the highest level of government and organizations, how can we be sure we are not getting “fake” news? These days it seems to be more difficult to discover truths from falsehoods, so we, the people, are going to have to be more discerning about our information gathering.

We will need to question data....

We will need to question data more rather than just assume everything is rightly given. We will need to pay attention to the sources of information. Have they been truthful in the past? Are these the same people we have trusted in the past? Have we checked multiple sources to see if the information resonates with each source?

Our own value systems...

We also might need to check our own value systems to see if we recognize within ourselves what appears to be logical and life affirming, something that supports the general good and not just the selfish desires of a few. Any of us who were raised with the idea that we are all in this life together will have an easier time recognizing truth from untruth. We, ourselves, can be dispensers of honorable ideas and practices, and we can sense thoughts and words that are designed to injure.

We should be able to trust our hearts...

If we believe ourselves to be divine beings who live in the center of Infinite Good, who can trust ourselves to hear and sense higher truths, we should be able to trust our hearts to discern the best. In our spiritual practices we can accept this because I believe we genuinely want to live from our best selves and bring our good into life honestly and effortlessly.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

On Being a Citizen

         I think that many, if not most, Americans naturally born in this country tend to take their freedoms for granted. On the other hand, people who came to these shores from other countries have a very different view of what it means to be an American citizen. My husband was born in Eastern Europe, and he loved being an American; he loved its freedoms, its rough edges and the ability to speak one’s thoughts openly and without fear.

A God-given right...

To be able to vote as we choose, to campaign noisily at election time, to be on hand to examine and question the intent of those who would represent us, this truly is what we like to call a God-given right. But human rights can be tenuous if the freedom-lovers are not attentive. It is not too difficult for those with selfish motives to slowly erode democratic systems that are not stoutly defended.

 None must be left out...

It is not so much that we are conservatives or liberals; it is much more important that we concern ourselves with the rights of all, for in a free society, none must be left out. As we think about them, don’t these ideas seem obvious, so firmly entrenched in law that we need not have to consider them?

Liberty is a gift...

Perhaps not. Liberty is a gift won by democratic societies and, by its nature, is vulnerable. It can never be taken for granted and must be safeguarded by a thoughtful, responsible citizenry to endure.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

On Essences

    A professor of mine once described the investigation into spiritual studies and things metaphysical as the “study of essences.” He did not elaborate on this, and there was no opportunity to ask questions, so, over time, I came to feel that he was thinking of the forerunners to physical forms. What is it, in other words, that precedes what we deal with in the physical world? Essences, perhaps---the ideas or senses that are the core meanings behind our world of things.

Essences require attention...

So that things don’t just “happen,” we may need to pay heed to what drives them. Essences require attention. What is stoking a coming attraction? What accompanies the creation of a situation or a body of action? What are we thinking, feeling, dreaming?

How we shall think about our lives...

Sometimes we have to be quick in our search for the essentials. They can pop up behind an event like a flitting bird song and zip right by us. We can also create our own essential backgrounds by determining how we shall think about our lives, maybe even pray about them. How much meaning do we give what we do? Or do we just go along for the ride and pay no attention to what may be forming in the world of “becoming”?

What our essences give off...

Our essences announce more about us than we may know, and others often get a sense of what is coming by what our essences give off. Perhaps it might come to us that our essences can come across as an effortless, pleasant fragrance…or a stink!

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