Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Always in a Hurry


Are we “always in a hurry?” And do we know what this means? True, we may be continually active, but continual activity can often mean knots in the stomach as we race to get things done, unwelcome demands for our attention, and interrupted thinking. The enforcement of “busy” can mean spotty quality of attention spans and many overlooked treasures that can be in plain sight. Hurrying down life’s roads can result in bypassing pauses that can truly refresh.

We may easily miss a beautiful display...

Hurried activity almost always shuts out nature from our activities. Nature’s beauties, whether peaceful or elaborate, need genuine quiet or we will breeze by heart-warming sights and sounds that calm our vigorous tendencies and bring needed respite along the way. If we do not take the time to focus on opportunities that need slowed-down insights, we may easily miss a beautiful display of art and wisdom that could be ours.

The glories of life need to be experienced...

The glories of life need to be experienced, and this takes time that we are willing to set aside so that we can allow our senses to take in everything. A partial experience may only give us a taste of what’s available and can, by its incompleteness, be more frustrating than fulfilling. Perhaps always moving like a blur is not a good idea. It is far too easy to forget the contents of the day. I found that smelling the flowers takes inhaling big lungfulls of fragrance, draught after draught, not tiny little stolen sniffs!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

On Love

    I do not believe we are fully alive if we have not loved. If we haven’t opened our hearts to someone or something that stirs us to our cores, there is a place in us that lingers in shadows. It is not that real love only involves other people. It can involve a passion for a work that is so deep and demanding that we continually chip away at it, sometimes with success, sometimes not. If, on the other hand, our hearts grow wings when a special person is around, we will find light and laughter wherever the beloved is.
Love takes many forms...     

      Love, of course, takes many forms as it grows into families and communities. And there are times when we think of love when it is not present, when the light of love is not on hand to initiate and surge within our days. Then we urge it to hurry here, to find us fast so that we do not suffer the loneliness of love not realized.
  What does lie around the corner....?

       Fortunately one day follows another; one corner opens out to another, and possibilities are endless. Yes, we must guard our hearts from the profane, but what does lie around the corner…?


        And if love is lost…don’t even think about it…

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Who Cares?

We always know there are are some who seem to care about their fellow man. Perhaps they were taught, or maybe they just have good spirits… but if an emergency should arise, how many of us would be on hand to help? A great many, or perhaps just a few? Would it matter if we missed an important appointment to help? Would it make a difference if we weren’t occupied at all? Who knows? Do we ourselves even know?

 There is a connection between everything that lives....

I frankly believe that most of us would rush to help in some way, especially if we have lived long enough to know how empowering it feels to be on hand for another person’s need, maybe even for a stranger. I also personally believe that there is a connection between everything that lives, and sometimes a dire circumstance somehow awakens that, even among people who are total strangers!

The live we carry within us is a true gift...

As spiritual beings…and that is what I think we are… we are either adding to the hatred and divisiveness in the world today, or we are recognizing and building on our shared Oneness, our shared Holiness , if you will. If we but knew that the life we carry within us is a true gift, I think we would make haste to care about, not only family and loved ones, but perhaps the person in a difficult situation that we don’t even know. Perhaps the question is not whether or not we care, but how may we do so when the need arises!

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