Tuesday, November 12, 2019

About Humor

       Others cannot give us humor. They can only share this mindset that works better when it is shared. In fact, Ori Amir, Professor of psychology and neuroscience classes at Pomona College in Southern California, suggests that our brains can actually grow from the “exercise” they get while following humor in their research. He should know; he is a stand-up comedian when not teaching. He and his colleagues have come to believe that joking may make us “smarter and healthier,” even to the point that “a sense of humor helps the human species survive.”

Stretching our minds...

Perhaps it would be worthwhile stretching our minds to see the funny side of life, to examine the incongruities and absurdities that bring more smiles and laugher into our lives. Can’t hurt, and might even be nourishing the brain in ways that unusual ideas and constructs often do.

We owe it to ourselves...

In times when we are surrounded by manufactured hatreds and misunderstanding of the “other,” we can use more good times and shared laughter than ever. It is hard to stay angry and upset when a room is filled with laughter. We owe it to ourselves…and to life… to bring the clearest, and healthiest mentality into our everyday living.

Seek the happiness...

If we consider ourselves spiritual thinkers and those who choose to bring good into life, is it not a kind of mandate for us to seek the kindness, the joy, and the silliness that good humor brings? Every smile, every little giggle brings health and hope.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Worth the Wait

  Is it worth the wait? Always a judgment call, I have found. When the child is learning to walk, the endless falls do not disturb it or its parents from waiting for the stream of steps that eventually come. For others, this is definitely not a priority. For the neophyte bike rider, the multiple pushes and stabilizing coastings point to someone whose practices put him in eventual control of his bicycle. Another person may just want to jump into a car and take off.

To watch a mind heal... 

To watch a mind heal, however, a mind that has been torn to pieces through loss, disappointment or destruction and yet begins to draw itself together to thoughtfulness, to putting one thought before another, to seeking sense and order in its ministrations… this is worth the wait. To watch a brain, soggy with the mists of broken thoughts and drowning doubts become quiet enough to allow its natural order to resume a holy place in its daily activities… this is worth the wait.

Our healing efforts... are always worth the wait...

These are always worth the wait because they are often the kinds of disturbances and disorders that we, ourselves, must combat. We cannot be certain that our lives will be seamless and smooth, without tears or deep dismay, and so it will often be we who make the inner journey back to harmony and peace at whatever the cost. If we are fortunate there will be those who will walk with us and perhaps pray with us. They will discover… as well as we… that all our healing efforts… are always worth the wait.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Grass Roots Goodness

       I imagine that many of us belong to small “listserves” or groups where we gather from time to time. Some are strictly neighborhood concerns, others larger and more inclusive, but I have noticed that some endemic concerns have begun to show up week by week that carry troubling undertones. What we seem to be considering, whatever our major interests may be, are the dismissive tones of callous behaviors and disrespectful language we are often throwing around to one another; and somewhere along the line, we have begun to question these disconcerting acts as unseemly behaviors from people who should know better! It is almost as if we are asking: Is this us? Is this good treatment of other people? Is this now the “American Way”?

What we can expect of ourselves....

The good part of this seems to be that, almost organically and without organized activities, we want to correct this situation. We are beginning to remember ourselves as loving (yes, loving!) human beings who are responsible to ourselves and each other. Whatever has been creating the upset, be it “Trump fatigue” or something else, seems not to be important, only that we consider who we are and what we can expect of ourselves.

 Correction is not a big deal....

Another good part of this awareness is that correction is not a big deal. We don’t have to form groups, create societies, invent new behaviors. We just have to get out of bed each morning intending to do better! There are no courses to take, classes to attend. We don’t have to report in, except to ourselves. It does not matter what others do, only what our own acts and intentions are.

Simple, grass roots goodness....

At the end of the day we may ask: “Did I help? Did I listen? Did I speak with the voice of calmness and caring? Was I the one who did as I would be done to?” Here is where simple, grass roots
goodness may be found.

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