Tuesday, August 15, 2017

On Lies


No one comes into life knowing how to lie, or to tell the truth either, for that matter. These are learned states of mind and, while we become prone to lying or truth telling alternately during the day, most of us will fall more fully into one category or the other. Some of us will feel uncomfortable when we choose to lie, but for others, the lie comes so easily to their lips they barely notice it.

Why we lie...

The June 2017 issue of the National Geographic featured a piece on why we lie. There were several reasons stated that we can all recognize. The biggest was to cover mistakes or personal transgressions. Also economic advantage was a reason, along with trying to escape or evade something or gain personal advantage. The article said that children lie to test their independence, and I know that some lie to get out from under a situation without batting an eye. One psychologist thought it was easier to tell the truth because lying took a “sharp, flexible mind.” Maybe so, but it can be damn hard to be truthful when there are some hard things to say that may prove difficult to hear!

All liars get discovered...

At the end of the day truth telling may be taken for granted most of the time, and hopefully it should be. Practiced liars generally upset the flow of harmonious living by trying to arrange things to satisfy themselves, often at the expense of others. The thing is, all liars eventually get discovered, the unskilled very quickly, the more expert over time.

A terrible price...

The real trouble is that the consummate liar pays a terrible price eventually. Even disregarding the broken situations littering his life, the time will come when no one will ever trust anything he says or does which will make him disregarded and avoided whenever possible. Could anything get much worse?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

On Wit and Worry

           There are the wits of this world, and there are the worriers, and we know them for who they are. Some folks among us have the wonderful devil of humor inside where they can see the funny side curling around all things. They are quick with a smile, an arched eyebrow, and a word or two that brings a little laughter into the game. What would the world be without them…no doubt a much duller place!
a tongue of worry...

Then there are those of us who carry a tongue of worry that waggles through our thoughts, those of us who mentally create situations that may, may not, probably won’t ever, couldn’t possibly ever, happen. Yet they are at work percolating though the worrier’s mind.

an absolute gold mine...

Both wits and worriers share the same God-given gift: Imagination—which fuels both the bubbling and the bleakness. It takes the creativity inherent in imagination to tickle the comedic heart and multiply the occasions for disaster. Trust me, imagination is an absolute gold mine for worriers! It holds unknown snares which only an accomplished worrier can find!

an interesting life...

Funny thing! Sometimes the wit and the worrier can be found in the same person. After all, the creative, imaginative mind can move in both directions. The same imaginative flair that sees the comic side can also find denizens lurking in the dark corners of the mind. In fact, I think that the breadth of mind that allows for both wit and worry is most often found in a combination of the two. Makes for an interesting life and a challenging one as the witty side and the worrying side work to keep as fine a balance as possible.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

On No Big Deal

As thinking human beings, we have the choices of how we shall think, what thoughts we shall entertain…and how we shall respond to the daily surprises that sometimes come our way! When stuff happens, often things we did not initiate, is it always necessary to expend 100% of our energy on everything? Surely it is exhausting to throw a giant hissy-fit every time something goes wrong! Must everything be a humongous, earth-shattering big deal? The answer, of course, is no, so it becomes our task to decide what is a big deal, what is a little deal, or perhaps what is no deal of ours at all!

"Some days are like that"...

On days when multiple breakdowns seem to be surrounding me, I have taken to protecting myself by saying, “Some days are just like that.” I can and do turn to prayer as soon as possible, but this little statement gives me pause so that I can let my thoughts fall into place.

We can get intrusive at times...

It really is up to us to decide just how much energy we are going to throw away on upsets…and it is also ours to decide which upsets are really not ours to handle. We can get intrusive at times, and it’s very easy to take on a deal that is someone else’s.

Are we an Atlas?...

Are we an Atlas who must carry the world on our shoulders? Seriously? Or are we way more valuable than that and will decide where and how we shall bring our energies to life? Bears thinking about, doesn’t it?

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

On Summer Love

       Astrologically speaking, I am the most Leo of Leos. Born in the first ten degrees of the sign, I have a new moon chart, with not only a Leo sun but also a Leo moon, all of which really makes me a summertime baby. And since I live in a Mediterranean climate zone, we folks are spared exposure to the most blazing rays of summer sun, which is perfectly ok with me since, as fair-skinned as I am, I cannot hang out in the sun anyway.

A spot for summer...

I do enjoy summer, with its early dawns and long, warm nights, showing daylight clinging to the skies well into the evening. In fact I have long kept a spot for summer in my heart for years so that, when I feel cold and dark, I can look forward to an inner light. I have felt that the seasons of the earth can become seasons of the heart and, wherever we live, we may find a little spring in our step or enjoy the long shadows of autumn as we do a little dreaming.

A rich, inner life...

In a demanding world where much is happening that we cannot control, it is good to have a rich, inner life that is spiritually comforting. Everybody needs a place of refuge, and some of the best we carry around inside ourselves. I recommend that we corral our brightest thoughts and most satisfying inquiries at hand so that we always have a little summer on tap.

Put a little love in your heart...

What’s the song title…”Put a little love in your heart?” We can do this and bring a little summer love along with us.

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