Tuesday, March 19, 2019

On Being Doubtful

About one thing I have no doubt…and that is that I will doubt! There are very few certainties in this life, so doubting can almost be considered a natural part of living. I had a wonderful friend who said, “to doubt is the beginning of wisdom,” which is probably quite right. Too much certainty keeps us from looking around the edges of our thought to see if there aren’t some niggling little notions we may not have considered before.

Doubt tells us we're alive...

As far as I am concerned, doubt tells us we are alive. It stimulates our search engines and causes us to be ready for whatever newness comes along. In some respects a good dose of doubt can slow down the aging process, which has to be good. As long as we are living longer and longer, we may as well keep cooking on all burners, and I think the unsettling notion of doubt helps with that. The 17th Century French philosopher, Rene’ Descartes, famously said, cogito ergo sum: I think therefore I am. He could just as well have said “I doubt therefore I am,” and he would have hit the nail on the head!

One of our human features...

Actually there is little reason to worry about doubtfulness. It is one of our human features and does help to keep us looking forward to what we may not have figured on.

I say, welcome doubt! There is a place at the table for you!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

On the Little Things

With so much discord and dismay taking place at the national level, we might be better advised to keep our eyes on some of the small, natural communities nearby. When I take walks, for instance, there is a riparian strip of shoreline near one of my favorite haunts. As I slowly saunter along its length, my eyes catch the glint of a tiny spring that supports the grasses and offers the birds a drink. It is surrounded by the broadening city sidewalks but is undisturbed in its quiet meanderings. So small we’d miss is if not for a sharp eye’d look, but it is one of nature’s miniscule treasures.


 The things of our lives...

Something like this never fails to bring me back to what matters… home, loving care and the things of our lives that we can attend to. Big deals may be cooking in the halls of government, but we live in our communities where neighbors are but a few feet from our doorsteps, and it takes just a couple of bounds to be at the front door.


Soft memories...

Little things, little journeys hold soft memories and sometimes images that echo down the halls of our souls. They are not to be neglected or swept aside, for they often hold the matrix of what we know of ourselves.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

On Being Late

Don’t we all know at least some people who are always late? No matter how close the destination may be, they just don’t make it. In fact I knew a man who moved to within a half mile of his job, only to end up being late yet again. By now I think we have guessed that lateness has little to do with timing and location and more to do with attitude. Some of us truly do not want to go where we need to go and find a million resistances. Either that, or we just don’t want to fill the expectations of others.

What's to be done?.....

What’s to be done? Perhaps our late comers need to take an inner look at what’s really going on. Are there some situations they don’t want to do but really can’t say no to? Is there a “my-way-or-the-highway” in some of us? Either way, there is a state of mind to be checked. Do we want to have jobs? Do we want to have friends?

Will we make clear choices?....

Can the mind be malleable enough that we can see where changes need to be made? Will we make clear choices about what is really important to us and agree to follow those choices?


Hmmmm…..interesting! And unless we “laties” agree to be hogtied and delivered on time by others, the decisions will rest with us!