Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Ode to Chocolate


When the world gets serious and scary, there is something to be said for a little goofiness, and nothing gets goofier than bending the knee in honor of chocolate! What, indeed, is the mystic call that makes so many of us go ga-ga about a delectable, brown bit of deliciousness? Can we ever know…and do we even care? 

Dripping with fudge...

Let’s recognize a few guidelines that are generally shared by chocolate aficionados: 1) Milk chocolate is for chocolate interns, those just getting their teeth wrapped around the glorious stuff. 2) Only enough sugar to curb dark chocolate’s bitterness is needed for ingestion. 3) White chocolate is a sin against nature! I mean, let’s be real: Chocolate is brown; vanilla is white and will never make the grade against a sundae splashed with a dose of nuts, dripping with fudge!

Our good, steadfast ally...

All chocolate addictions can be managed. With a little help from family or friends, a stash of chocolate can be locked away and the key hidden until the time for indulgence is right. And when the day has been hairy and expectations disappoint, when we cannot trust the next moment to be kind, when we feel fleeced, foxed, betrayed, dismissed, discarded, misunderstood, misapplied, and completely left out, there is always our good, steadfast ally hidden in the drawer, the one that never lets us down…chocolate!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

On The Pause That Refreshes


Several decades ago a soft drink advertised itself on TV using a very clever line. It spoke of itself as “the pause that refreshes.” How could the viewer not smile at the obvious allure? The obvious message was: Let’s just take a good, cool draught of the soda, back off, and enjoy a few minutes of time out. Actually it was a smart idea then and is even more so now. In a hyped-up environment that is frequently steamed up in hyperdrive, we can use more effortless pauses than ever. In fact many people exercise their minds to “step back” before responding to a heated moment or a loaded situation when an instant reaction could turn a tenuous circumstance into a train wreck!

The still candle of order...

When we find ourselves in public circumstances, whether national or local, that can become unstable at any moment, it may be we ourselves who must hold the still candle of order within us, and sometimes it takes just one, thoughtful person to allow a quickening situation to settle back down to a manageable place.

Enhances the general good...

Perhaps it would be a good idea to take an inner look to see what we know of ourselves. Do we excite easily? Do we let the latest headline or media blast get us all worked up? What do we consider important…our daily lives, family, friends, environment, work and social settings? And would we be one of those who could be trusted to behave in a way that enhances the general good?

Without doubt, the cultivation of the inner pause that refreshes would help more than we might

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

On Coming from Love

These days, as citizens and as people coming from an impactful humanity, we need to be on our best behaviors. And before readers start freaking out, thinking that I am “legislating” our actions, consider this: Our external behaviors usually stem from what goes on within us mentally. If we act on impulses or fragmented thinking, our behaviors will be irregular and unpredictable. If we think more carefully and moderately, our behaviors will be more even handed and predictable. Simply stated, we can be run by our wildest thoughts, or we can choose how we will behave.

An infinite quality...

We can choose to act from anger, hatred, misunderstanding and ignorance, or we can choose to come from love, and, yes, love can be a choice. Love is not just an unbridled emotion that causes crazy-making behaviors. Love…real, healthy, meaningful…is, I believe, an infinite quality with which we come into life. We have to learn how to recognize and express it…and we can choose it in our behaviors toward others. By the way, the choice to love has nothing to do with how others are treating us, and it is not a choice made to get others on our side.

Rational, motivated desire...

The choice to love is based on rational, motivated desire to bring a healing element with us wherever we go…and there is no greater healing energy than chosen love displayed! By now, most of us know something about what love can do, and if we have grown wise enough to know that we are all in this life together, how could we ever choose to come from anything but love, no matter what!

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