Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Time and Talents

As spiritual beings, we have multiple talents, some very obvious, some we discover as time goes along. The good thing is that we are not one-trick ponies. There are so many parts of us that are not readily discernible at once that it really does take a lifetime to discover the depth of what we carry. And I suspect that there is a lot more to us than we ever uncover, partly because there just isn’t time… or perhaps a lot of precious time gets used in unproductive ways.

 Bombarded every day...

There is no question that we are bombarded every day by all the electronic devices around us that carry information of all kinds, some valuable, some not; and maybe we might use a little time to sort out what deserves our attention… and what doesn’t.

Pay attention to the calls within us...

We know ourselves, and we know what is within us that deserves cultivation and promotion. We know when it is time to pay attention to the calls within us that would bring forth another element of our living, vital selves. This is not just a call to the young either. There are gray hairs among us that can still produce surprises!  Consider the septuagenarians among us who are running for President of the United States!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020


However secure and steadfast some things may seem to be, there will always be movement… changes… one touch touching another… forms that are leaving… forms that are coming. The grand mountain that stands in the distance will one day pass away and become something we may not even imagine. Certainly we know enough history to be aware that, no matter what, nothing lasts forever.

We enter into passages...

We don’t even have to go that far into our imaginations to know that we enter into passages every day. Many of us are very aware that some of the relationships we so loved and counted on have moved on, and we are left with memories to cherish and days to reinvent. However, with the losses of change also come the opportunities for the healing of mistakes and the renewal of what lies ahead.

We can truly make an open place...

We can truly make an open place for some surprises, or we can mentally remain in the same mold so that tomorrow will look a lot like yesterday. Curiosity, I would think, would eventually push us out of the past and into an interesting unknown, which is probably a good thing. We are, after all, part of the passages of life, and we are valuable and necessary to the life and joy of others. Therefore I choose to bless and release the past and its mistakes and make room for tomorrow’s vistas.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

In a Timely Fashion

       All members of various AA groups know that a key piece of their good health involves not doing too much of anything in a given period of time; in other words, taking each day in its own time holds great meaning for them… as it should for anyone. Trying to jam too much activity in the course of a few short hours seldom bodes well for anyone since it usually ill uses precious time and often drives up blood pressures!

The 24-hour day holds great possibilities...

Since we already inhabit information-packed days, many of the dear qualities of those days can be short circuited or strewn around because of rushing around. Our mindsets and our bodies are helped greatly when we slow our paces and give ourselves time for measured thinking and well-encouraged resolutions. The 24-hour day holds great possibilities, and one of these is to let the day unfold naturally without trying to shove more minutes into every hour.

We notice more...

There really is a healthy flow that emerges when we allow time in our lives to pass in a harmonious, orderly way. We are not required to be as busy as it is possible to get and, in fact, may actually live happier lives when we are not. We notice more; we can actually be more present in what is taking place… and we have a better opportunity to recognize good ideas…

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