Tuesday, December 6, 2016

On Holy Work

We like to make a distinction between what is holy…and what is not. Not easily done if we happen to believe in the unity of all life moving within the scope of the Infinite. In this case we really cannot discriminate between holy and unholy if it is original Wholeness (or holiness, if we prefer) in which we live and move. We can only say that, when we do not know who we are or what we are doing as spiritual beings, we make unholy use of the holy. This is what unity means. If we are truly intending to do a wonderful work for the general good, a “work for God,” so to speak, we can know that we not only work for God, we work in God. Again, this is what unity means.

Holy materials...

It takes a great, long look to discover that all the living, breathing, loving, hating, attracting, revolting, healing or venom spewing that we may be shaping with our innate gifts, we are using holy materials, and nothing less. Taking this view, we must admit that the bastard is as holy as the greatest saint and that the greatest sin we can commit is in not knowing who we are and, by the same token, who are brothers and sisters in life are.

Self and "other" is an illusion...

So…do we wish to do “holy work?” Do we wish to bring good to life through our thoughts and acts? Do we long to make life better because we have lived and shared ourselves with others? This is entirely do-able as well as laudable. We can make the efforts to learn that self and “other” is an illusion. We are simply mistaking the necessary use of forms needed for recognition for some sort of universal reality. We can make the efforts to learn of and begin to share our universal reality intimately and lovingly and, in doing so, affirm and treasure it.

This would be true, holy work.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

On Getting to First Base

Baseball aficionados are very familiar with the progress of a baseball game. With constant throwing, pitching, batting, and running happening all the time, the aim of the game is to make it to first base. From there, circling the baseball diamond allows game-winning home runs to be made. In fact this game is such an American pastime that its progression has become a simple metaphor on how to go forward in life.

Round first base...

We know what “getting to first base” means. It is the beginning of a successful game, episode or segment in life. We will not make it across home plate if we do not round first base. Certainly we can smile when we think of the baseball metaphor in terms of relationships. Making the right impression, getting to first base, so to speak, must happen before the relationship can progress.

Talent involved...

Playing a good game reminds us that there is talent involved in all gamesmanship. We may, indeed, have immediate talent, but this does not necessarily transfer to immediate excellence. Talent may be inherent but excellence is honed as a practical skill, both on and off the baseball field. Whatever game in life we may be playing, we will need to make it to first base many, many times before we can stretch ourselves to hit a home run, and there is no substitute for time in, practice, self improvement and the willingness to cross each base until we can score.

Invest ourselves...

Every player knows that home runs don’t occur every day, but they do occur when we invest ourselves in the game of life, doing the practices and keeping the goal before us.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

On Nothing Lasts Forever

 Why does nothing last forever? Why can’t some of our great loves walk with us until the very last day? Some of us are lucky enough to be the first to go, but this means that someone else will be left behind. Everything changes, no matter how hard we may try to hold something in place. Perhaps the problem is that we are trying to keep forms from shifting rather than concentrating on essences. The German rocket scientist, Werner von Braun, once said that “there is no extinction, only transformation,” and he may have the heart of it. 

Natural Order.....
We cannot ask a form to last longer than its natural order provides. Perhaps we can prolong it a bit, but not overlong. The bearded iris is a flower of magnificent flashes of color and shaping, but its frothy finery lasts only one day, and then it begins to decay, whereas the moth orchid is a small jewel of a blossom that sparkles for several weeks. Even an esteemed mountain may be climbed by the adventurous for eons but will eventually crumble into something else. 


Is there no “foreverness” to be found in all our changes? Maybe…if we have thought about the distinction between ephemera and essence, if we are aware of dimension as well as place. Have we sought and found within ourselves a spiritual dimension that moves with us through all the ephemeral sojourns, where the remembered happiness of forms is ever with us? Our comings and goings may seem to pass without notice at a deep, spiritual level, but believers know it underlies all and that there is a difference between nothing and no-thing!

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