Tuesday, October 25, 2016

On Micro Vacations

     Vacations have become very different than they used to be. When I was young, they happened during the summer when we were out of school, and naturally we had to escape the City. In our family’s case, this meant camping in one of the state’s regional parks, excellently situated for the general population. No glamorous resorts or cruises for us! Today many still get out of town, but more often vacations have become more of a change of pace than a destination. It is perhaps more important these days to simply “stand down” for a while rather than tear off to some exotic location. And perhaps funds for some aren’t always so plentiful.

No intruder's upon one's peace...

I, for one, think that we should be taking vacations regularly, not just seasonally but every day if possible, in the form of micro vacations, which can involve taking out an hour or two to slow down and perhaps think quietly. At one time, as strange as this may seem, when my children were in school, I used to sit quietly in the garden-like setting of a local cemetery. The graves were well inside the cemetery grounds, but the peripheral garden was quiet, shady, well kept and close by…with no intruders upon one’s peace!
Breakfast version of "Cheers"....

Today many of my micro vacations are spent at a neighborhood restaurant that is a kind of breakfast version of “Cheers!” Sometimes inside it is quiet, sometimes pretty noisy…but everybody knows my name. I no longer need slow quiet as much as I need the unspoken welcome every time I come through the door, and it is always present. From the boss to the waiters to the cleaners, they know my circumstances, and they always inquire about family well being. It is a change of pace that definitely feeds the spirit… the epitome’ of a true micro vacation.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

On Joy Catching

Many of us understand the beauty and metaphoric imagery in dream catchers. We know them to be gauzy circlets of finely-woven nets made of string, thread, or yard, sometimes of various colors, sometimes with small, colored stones woven into the fabric. I have heard that these are objects of American Indian folk art, but I am only sure that they are works of beauty, sylph-like and ephemeral. And then, one wonders if a dream can be caught at all, even in a lovely receptacle…or does it flit away with morning’s first light?

Dreams may come...

Dreams may come but often unbidden. We cannot predict when an opening in our minds will fill with an idea or image that will capture our imaginations. Is it any wonder, then, that we might imagine a wonderful device that might snare a dream long enough for us to gather up what it holds?

Burst of happiness...

I often think of joy in this way. Can we predict this burst of happiness, or is it only to be hoped for in the course of a day? In the ordinariness of daily living, will there be a twinkle lying in wait for us to uncover, or might a spark of joy suddenly announce itself for no good reason except that it is one of the Gifts of the Spirit? Is there a gauzy net to capture this?

Treasures that lie within us...

Probably not. And maybe we ought not to be so intent upon holding on to something that by its nature cannot stay in one place? Dreams move through us, as does joy, and perhaps it is enough that they come at all, letting us know that our great, spiritual depths do bring us inklings of the treasures that lie within us.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

On Irresolution

         In the world of relationships I think we need to have a place for what I call “irresolution.” We all know that even the smartest and most loving people will simply not agree upon everything. What matters is what we disagree on and how much! There will always be the guy who never picks the towels off the floor after a shower or the gal who mixes up her make up with the sacrosanct shaving stuff. But does this matter? Maybe we can just quietly put the towels in place or sort out the make-up bottles and go happily on our way. No big deal. This kind of irresolution need not be a game changer. It’s small, and we can live with it.
What does matter....

What does matter is a great deal of disconnection and disagreement about personal philosophies and living behaviors that do not self correct or maybe even get needed attention. If there are some basic sore spots that get rubbed raw regularly between two in a relationship, these need to be recognized, not quietly hidden. They need to be discussed and healed, or some day, some time, when the sore is too raw, something that seems way out of proportion may explode. Much to everyone’s surprise, the giant sleeping in the second bedroom wakes up!

Pay fresh attention. ...
To keep relationships healthy, I think we need to pay fresh attention to our partners every day and not take too much for granted. When, for instance, did we actually thank our loved one for a kindness? Have we been moseying along and not providing the needed ear or the soft, wordless touch during a hard place? Have we forgotten that all fires need stoking or they are in danger in going out? One thing our busy lives must never overshadow is knowing what’s important and what’s not, for the individuals in a relationship and the relationship itself.

Trust me. A tiny bit of irresolution may stand. Silent, creeping, untended irresolution will not.

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