Tuesday, November 14, 2017

On The Act of Praying


The contemplation of prayer means little. The act of praying means everything, for the power of prayer is found in the act itself. For the active spiritual being, the strongest connection to the Infinite can be found in the extension made through intentional prayer. This is a wonderful, spiritual practice, and it is known to every fervent practitioner of prayer because of the imminent uplift that comes when one is engaging in prayer. Even if whatever is at hand does not give way right away, the fusion found in praying can give the practitioner a strength and clarity that only such concentrated thought can give. And make no mistake: Everyone who prays is a practitioner of prayer, whether licensed or degreed or not.

"In tune with the Infinite".....

The wise person utilizes prayer in some form every day, just to keep “in tune with the Infinite,” if for no other reason. The prayer can be lengthy and very thoughtful or sometimes a brief, few affirmations during a busy day just to touch the inner core for refreshment.

Make the effort...

Prayer does not have to be difficult or involved. It can be as simple as a quiet melting into the Presence in which we live and move, although there may be times when we struggle to gather our thoughts together for the purpose of praying. Does it matter how skilled or not we may think we are? I think it matters more that we make the effort to turn to prayer. A regular prayer practice makes it easier for our thoughts to fall into place, but even the sometimes hard work to collect ourselves to prayer is valuable, for every turn is reflected back with the love that is put into it. Praying, like breathing, is completely natural if we but know it.

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